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    How does inventory scanner will scan for software ??

    HermiM Apprentice

      Dear all,


      I would like to understand how does the inventory scanner scans for software. I have read in many documents that there are many sources from where the scanner get the list of installed or running software:

      - MSI database for MSI applications

      - Application in add/remove feature (Normally only applications that have uninstall feature will be displayed) Registry folder where the list of this type of application is stored is HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall)

      - Items which have been executed. (softmon32.exe will be running all the time to capture all running programs and add them to HKLM\Software\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\WinClient\SoftwareMonitoring\MonitorLog )

      - Applications with shortcut

      - Executable files found in local drives.


      I would like to understand how does it work from inside? how does LDAPPL3.ini file will be updated in the core server especially all applications that will added to the section "[Applications]" ? what does LDAPPL3.template contains ? what is the content of LDAPPL3.base? what is the inital content of LDAPPL3 files ?


      I will appreciate if someone can explain the process step by step starting from the installation of LD agent to how does LDAPPL3.ini file in the core server will be updated? If the inventory scanner in the managed device finds out that its current version is not up to date does LDAPPL3.ldz will be downloaded or delta changes LDAPPL3.pat ?


      Thanks in advance and waiting for your feedback.


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          Hi, in this case the level of detail you are looking for may be a little much for a community discussion. A lot of how inventory truly works is proprietary however at its core it is making calls to the OS, either to the registry, in WMI, a file scan, or API calls.

          I suggest you open a support case to see what specifics the technician can share with you.



          Brandon Hill

          -System Architect