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    Application Suites VS Security.AntiVirus



      Hi There,



      Please can anybody of there help ??



      My quesiton is this:



      - If i create a query with 'Computer'.'Software'.'Application Suites'.'Name' = 'Symantec AntiVirus' -

      my results are: 783

      - if i create a query with 'Computer'.'Security'.'AntiVirus.'Product Name' = 'Symantec AntiVirus' -

      my results are: 2583



      Why is there a difference between the two queries in results they return ? i would believe they should be in sync with returning results ? because it is

      and application suite & and an antivirus program....



      Please can you explain why there is a difference, and which query i should be using to deliver the most accurate results.