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    Adding custom boot item to Pxe Rep



      Hi All,






      Do to the LANDesk 8.8 PXE Image being over 190MB machines with 256MB of  ram or lower are having issues imaging. In our environment there are a bunch of machines which have 256MB of ram. Is there a way to add a custom boot option on the PE menu which would point to the older 8.7 image. I took a peak in the PXESetup.exe utility in c:\program files\landesk\pxe\ and tried to add a new option but it does not show up when pxe booting.



      Is there a special way to add a custom boot image to the menu? I understand that since we would be using the 8.7 Peboot.img file for these machine  provisioning will not work and that is fine.






      Thanks in advance! 



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          Sounds like you have old PC's. Why you don't use DOS? It should be totally fine for old PC's. It's small and fast


          You don't need WinPE unless you have new PC's with new drivers and etc.

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            The problem with using the DOS client is we built a Hardware Independent imaging process.. We are using WMI to detect the model so it can inject the correct drivers...

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              I have great success with HII under DOS. If you want I can share this info with you.


              But if you want to do it for just few PC's it not worth it. May be will be cheaper to buy more memory (I don't know how many PC's you talking about), then spend so much "MAN" hours to build HII under DOS.

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                I would be interested in hearing about your DOS method for the older machines. How does this work across vlans? The old version did not work across vlans.. What are you using to detect which model the machine is? If I can get that and store it in a variable I would be able to do this in dos i would think.



                Its over 2k machines.. 



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                  Sure. If you want to do across vlans, you have to have a PXE on every subnet. Plus if you have a Cisco swithes you'll have to allow broadcast on them. So your network guys may don't like it :).



                  here'a infor about HII image:





                  Creating Hardware Independent Image


                  Check List:


                  • Partition - Small 20Gb partition

                  • Windows version - Windows Volume License only

                  • Install latest WU client to avoid any WU problems

                  • Stop AU service and rename folder
                         C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution to something like "SD Old". Start AU
                         service. Check C:\WINDOWS\WindowsUpdate.log for errors.

                  • Remove all local (temp) account you don't need.

                  • In "Add/Remove Windows components" remove stuff you don't need. Install "Other Network File and Print Services".

                  • Run Defragmentation before take an "Windows Image"




                  1. Build master workstation. See "Step 1 - Creating a source image" from this guide *OS Deployment of Windows XP Best Known Method



                  2. Run Sysprep. Do not allow Sysprep to shut down the computer. (All HII tools including sysprep located here:
                  . For detail description see Cookbook section from this guide: *Hardware Independent Imaging revisited by Jan Buelens


                  [Hardware Independent Imaging revisited by Jan Buelens|http://wiki/mwiki/index.php/Image:Sysprep_HII.jpg|Sysprep Settings]  [Hardware Independent Imaging revisited by Jan Buelens|http://wiki/mwiki/index.php/Image:Sysprep_HII.jpg|Enlarge]Sysprep Settings


                  3. Run LDPrep. (All HII tools including LDPrep.exe located here:
                  . LDprep will force Windows look for the drivers in the C:\drivers directory befor mini-setup.



                  4. Shut Down workstation



                  5. Capture image







                  6. Modify sysprep.ini. Add the following lines to the section. (See this topic as reference Creating SFX)


                  LDPrepRun=C:\Drivers.exe -oc:\ -y
                  LDprepDriversPath = C:\drivers


                  7. Create Deploy OSD script using sysprep.ini from



                  8. Modify your OSD.ini file as follows: (See this topic as reference Creating SFX)


                  REMEXEC40=r:\dos\fworkcl.exe /c r:\ldsleep.exe 0 1 \ldsleep.exe
                  *REMEXEC41=r:\dos\fworkcl.exe /c h:\drivers.exe 0 1 \drivers.exe*


                  (note: replace "41" in REMEXEC41 with any unique number)



                  9. Prepare drivers directory. Drivers for HII located

                  srvte\osd\drivers. After you done, create an SFX using 7-Zip

                  and place the resulting file in the directory along with your

                  sysprepped images (



                  10. Modify your sysprep.ini to delete drivers.exe




                  11. Create PXE menu for new OSD script.



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                    Thanks for the info.. So it looks as if you copy the entire drivers archive for all models over to the c:\ drive of the box.. A run once script could be written I guess in the end to delete the drivers which are not needed on the box, although the drivers really dont take up much space. I think I might take a deeper look into this.. How is the driver support in dos? Have you messed with linux PE? with the linux pe i think there are progs which could detect the model from the BIOS to help with the driver inject process...