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    Retain Old inventory Information

    irizarisan Apprentice


      Can someone let me know what parameters are set in landesk to retain old inventory information?    How long does it take for a computer to get dropped off the system if that computer is not reporting in anymore?



      We are using the Landesk Management Suite Version 8.6






      Appreciate a lot your feedback and response regarding on my inquiry..



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


          By default, LANDesk keeps the inventory information forever but this can be configured.



          Go to Configure - Services in your Management Console on your Core Server and look at the inventory settings.  You should see an option similar to 'Days to keep inventory scans' (it changes a little depending on the version).  Set this to the value you want and it will delete machines that have not returned a scan after the set number of days.



          Be careful that you know your systems are configured to send their scans properly otherwise you might delete machines that are still active.



          I quite like irecall from networkd, it has an archiving feature that makes sure you don't lose important information when you set this value.



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