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    Count Query for All unassigned ticket


      Hi All


      I would like to design a query which will only show me counts of all tickets which are currently in out queue, also within the same query i would like something which shows how many unassigned tickets are there in our queue.


      So total number of tickets


      and total number of unassigned tickets


      I would need some suggestions. Can some one please help

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          avasile Apprentice

          All tickets in your queue would be addressed in the criteria by selecting "Current Assignment is Current group" and if you wanted to see all unassigned tickets then you could add on "Current Assigned Analyst IS NULL."

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            You can create 2 queries using Query Designer.


            1. counts of all tickets -> criteria is current group

            2. Unassigned Tickets -> Criteria is current group and current assigned analyst is Null.


            On WebDesk add a new gadget on the dashboard of type "Count Queries" and add the above created two queries to your list.


            Something like below as an Example -

            Count Queries.JPG