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    Prepositioned software upgrade - CRM4



      Hi all,



      If possible, i'd like to gather opinions on the direction i should head in, not ask for anything too specific, or too much of anyones time. (yet ).



      I've been tasked with the client side of a company wide upgrade to our CRM software (microsoft). Good times.



      The install is in 2 stages, there's an install executable, and then a config executable to setup the program for the logged in user. Through testing, i now have 2 command line functions, one to silently install the client, and another to silently configure it.



      So far i've considered Push distribution through either an exec package or batch package, with maybe a task run early to place the required files on the clients, meaning that if they are remote on the day of the upgrade, it can still happen for the user.






      Any thoughts or opinions are greatly appreciated!







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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


          You don't say what version of LANDesk you are using so some comments may not apply to your version because of functionalty differences.



          No matter what version you are using, the splitting into two sections makes sense but from what you say, the difference will be that the second one makes changes to the logged on user and therefore is most likely going to need installing by the user themselves.



          The first probably can be installed using push, but the second relies on whether you have the ability to launch as the logged on user.  8.8 definitely has that capability whereas previously you would struggle.






          Prior to 8.8, two pacjages, one push, the other policy set to install at logon (just beware of whether the user actually needs admin rights or if there will be an impact to the user because of a delay between the installation of the packages)



          With 8.8, my preference would be to link the two as dependent packages.  The second installation (set to run under user rights) is dependent on the first so when called, the application gets installed and then immediately afterwards the user configuration is done.  You will need to setup detection for the application and i recommend you stick to finding the presence of a particular file.  Test Test Test and this will work like clockwork.



          Hope this helps.



          Mark Star - http://www.marxtar.com



          Home of Power State Notifier & Wake-On-WAN for LANDesk






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            Thanks for your reply and time MarXtar,



            I'm running 8.8, soon to be SP1. The dependent packages looks like it will work really well for me, so i will have a play and see how it goes.



            I'm itching to ask more questions, but i'll do some more work/testing so that if i do need to ask more, they'll be relevant =p



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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


              This is only a small plug (but a free one ).  If you download our Power State Notifier plug-in when it installs it auto-creates its distribution packages for the client component.  these are set up to act as dependent packages with a detection rule.



              So, you could use this as an example to base your own off as it can be a bit fiddly getting one of these to work forthe first time.



              Mark Star - http://www.marxtar.com



              Home of Power State Notifier & Wake-On-WAN for LANDesk



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                Thanks Mark i'm downloading the software as-i-type.


                I've hit what i consider a bit of a stumper. The way that the CRM 4 install executable runs, it is returning a "-2" code before it finishes to landesk, which then displays that the task failed as it "needed a reboot" (which is not true). About 30 seconds later the install finishes on the client, completely successful.


                The problem being, my configure task being dependent on the install task, does not kickoff.. I've cheated a little and placed the files the install task requires manually in the sdmcache folder, things are coming together somewhat tho, just can't string it all in one!



                I've read suggestions along the lines of using vbscript to trap the return codes, but it's over my head a little.



                Edit: In addition to the above, the /log file from the .exe installer shows many return values, all 0 or 1, none -2. From what i can tell, i only care about the final "INSTALL. Return value 1." code. Reading Jared Barneck's guide on batch file writing, I can't see a way to look for not just the return value, but the return name as well.






                Update:   If i add in a butcher-style PING command that makes the batch file wait 60 seconds into the install job, the install off properly before the config job, and then everything finishes successfully... not very elegant, but proves the theory. There has to be a nicer way!