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    Templates & Hardware Independant Images



      Hi Again



      First let me start by explaining we have just upgraded from 8.7 to 8.8 and have had no experience of templates until I started testing this week, so please forgive me if I am about to ask something stupid.



      Under 8.7 I had a hardware independant image I used for deploying to all our Laptops and Desktops. This used some scripts in the vboot to handle the HAL and some pre sysprep tools to add driver paths into the syspreped image. This works fine even now, but is a pain when upgrading as I need to make all the changes each time and also means the image contains all drivers ever used, making it quite large. So I have been looking at templates instead.



      My limited understanding so far seems to imply I will need a template for each model of laptop/desktop. While this would keep the base image size down nicely, it seems like a lot of work to set up.



      So I got to thinking about creating one template that fits all.  I am thinking that I could deploy a base image to the target, then run a script to detect the hardware type and set that as a variable (Landesk or DOS - not sure yet), use this variable to find the drivers stored on a network share and copy them to the target, fix the HAL accoring to the same variable and then kick off the post sysprep install.



      Does this sound possible? Has anyone else tried it?  Any thought please?



      Many Thanks






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          bhadzik Apprentice


          Very possible. You can actually use inventory items as variables. If this machine was in the database, you can set a public variable to be "System -> Model". That way whenever you call the Model variable, it will substitute the real name. Just make sure your network share has the exact name that shows up in the inventory. If you look at this url, you will see that most of it has also been already written for you, just import the template.









          Also have a look at the scripted install template as well. It has some nice advantages over imaging. 



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            Thanks for that.



            Didn't know you could use inventory items, but that wouldn't work for new hardware anyway. Think I can solve that issue anyway.



            I've already played with the templates too - very useful for learning.



            Hopefully will have a good go at this next week. I'll report back how I get on.



            Cheers - Paul