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    Setting up a Web Share


      I'm trying to deploy Office 2007 to PC's in my network. In the article I have says I need to place the software in a web share. Needs some help on doing that. I place the software in a network shared drive but dosen't work..HELP!!!!

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          It means it has to be a dirctory on a server running IIS (or anotherweb server).


          I've included a screenshot of how you can setup a web share by right-clicking a directory when you are logged into the console of a server running IIS. This is from a Windows 2003 server box. Pay attention to what has been set for the directory in the window you reach when you click Edit Properties.





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            Okay I've set up the distribution package and when I sent it out to the target device it shows on the deployment partol. It runs for a bit and on the LDMS it  says "Failed to download additional files for a package"

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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


              Office 2007 has a huge number of additional files. Not sure if it is still the same, but if you parsed the MSI to get them all added to the package, not all of them exist. So you could have a problem with the actual files that its trying to download (check the log on the client machine to see what files it is failing on and verify) or something else ifs causing it to fail (such as that file type is not allowed to be presented by your web server).



              I've always found the easiest and quickest way with something like office was to put it all together into a single file, distribute that, extract it, and then perform the installation from those files.  Alternatively, if you can, use UNC and install from source.



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                zman Master

                Here is another view on the install  JMO but I've never had luck with HTTP and MSI packages. I always use UNC and run from source. This may not be the best in your environment.  Take a look at Jack's article and see if it works for you.  I personally don't remove 2003 as a seperate task we just let 2007 rip out its older brother.






                Also, not sure what version you are on, but package share configuration ( Setting up the delivery server) is covered in the 8.8 manual on page 166 -170.

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                  BryanS Apprentice

                  I spent some time searching the community for direction on how to setup a web share on server 2008 and couldn't find it.  I eventually sorted it out and figured I'd add it to help along the next person who is looking....


                  It wasn't as simple as using the web share tab like 2003 offered....


                  Make sure IIS is installed and open the IIS  manager.  Expand the machine, then sites.  Right click on the Default Web Site, select Add Virtual Directory, enter the name of the share you'd like as the alias and enter the physical path to the drive.  I had to enable directory browsing from the right hand panel to make the web share browsable

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                    I would suggest using a network share and then run the task straight from the network share instead of downloading it to teh system first.


                    Under Scheduled Task properties, there is an option called Delivery Method. If one doesnt exist, create a new Delivery method that downloads and installs from the network share. This way, you dont have to put all the files in a package, instead just point to setup.exe.


                    Also, make sure that you have an answer file under the updates folder. If you have not done that, you can use the following to create the answer file (msu file i think)..


                    1. Map the network share where you have Office 2007 source files -> net use <DriveLetter> \\server\share

                    2. Use command line to run <DriveLetter>\office2007\setup.exe /admin

                    3. Create a new answer file and set up the installation options without the interface. I think it is right below where you enter the key. make sure to select, NO UI or something.. there is a checkbox for that.

                    4. Save the file under the updates folder ... <DriveLetter>\Office2007\Updates\YourMSUfile


                    Start the package and it should run quietly and peacfully. If you want to see the progress, make sure you select Passive, without user prompts. Its in the options of the answer file.


                    Hope it helps...