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    Few Questions about provisionning




      I'm just testing provisionning (LD88 sp1) and  have a few question about it; could you please help me?


      • Can i customize the menu after pressing F8 (for example removing Linux PE)




      • Is it possible to change keyboard layout (FR) under winpe provisionning?




      • Is it possible to increase the max try of password under winpe provisionning (if a wrong password is typed, i have to reboot and reload winpe)




      • It it possible to include in the ld inventory or miniscan made under winpe the machine model (useful for copying good driver folder)




      • how can the machine re-logon after a reboot during the post install process ? (for example, i need to reboot it after join domain to deploy policies or patch)








      Thanks a lot for helping.

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          bhadzik Apprentice


          I assume you are talking about scripted installs here, as that is what my answers relate to.


          1. Yes you can edit the menu,  but you have to hack the pxe rep directly and is probably not supported.


          2. Just put this in your unattended script file




          3. You can just rerun the ldprovision.exe under x:ldprovisioning to get it to come up again.

          4. I am sure there is, but someone else will have to comment on how exactly to do it

          5. Make sure you have these values in your unattempted script file





          Change the count to whatever you want.



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            To modify the PXE Rep to remove undersired options, follow this DOC:






            Unfortunately, there is not a way to increase the number of password attempts on ldprovision, however, as the other user suggested, you can re-launch ldprovision.exe from the ldprovision folder to try again.



            The inventory information that is populated during OSD tasks is generated by miniscan.exe.  This is a very limited scanner and unfortunately does not report model information.



            Provisioning will automatically continue to run, even though the logon screen is displayed.  Ldprovision.exe



            will run under the local syatem account and process the next action in the template.  We currently do not have an action or process that will auto-login after a provisioning-forced reboot.






            Hope this helps.



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              thanks a lot for your helpfull answer.



              For the french keyboard, i know how to have it under windows or during sysprep, but not during ldprovisionning logon.