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    Custom Agents and OS Deployment Script



      I am just getting to understand the OS Deployment Script in Landesk so forgive me if this has already been asked.  I have three seperate custom agents and when I setup a deployment script the dialog box for the Landesk Agent is looking for WSCFG32.exe.  Our agents use an MSI for initial install and then an exe for the final agent install.  Is there any way to get the script to install the custom agent into the image?  More specifically, we have a separate laptop agent that will need to be deployed with the script but the script only wants the WSCFG32.exe from the ldlogon directory.  I need it to install the advanced agent not the standard agent.






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          If you are using a script that was created using the wizard where the image is sysprepped, it will put the commands to run WSCFG32.exe from the ldlogon share of the server in the sysprep.inf.  WSCFG32 is the workstation configuration service, used to install the LANDesk agent.  The MSI's aren't the full installations of the agent, just the settings and are used for the deploy agent settings options in the console.



          You can run wscfg32.exe with the /i switch, which allows you to specify the configuration that you wish for it to use for the agents.  The Default Windows Client.ini, for example, is the ini file with the settings specified in the console for the agent.  When you build agent configurations in the console, it will create an MSI and an INI with a name corresponding with the name in the console. 



          run wscfg32.exe /? from the command line and you can see the  options available.  There are tons of ways to accomplish what it sounds like you're looking to do, but for now try that.



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            I am under the OS Deployment\My Scripts Section creating a ghost image script.  I can only enter the path to the directory that holds wscfg32.exe.  If I enter any more text than the path to the directory and try to save it I get the folllowing error:



            "Cannot find the management agent or authenticate the specified network share. Specify a valid UNC path containing wscfg32.exe and verify any required user name or password is entered correctly"



            What I entered on that line is as follows, file://%5C%5C<Servername>%20%5Cldlogon%5Cwscfg32.exe /I=
            &lt;servername\ldlogon\config_file.ini .   I also tried to just enter the path to the exe no switches and received the same message.



            In the Advanced Edit I do not see anywhere to set the path to the ini file for agent configuration.






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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              It is not in the .ini file.  It is in the .inf file.

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                The file that you need to modify is the sysprep.inf file.  This is stored on the core in the managementsuite\landesk\files folder and is named &lt;OSD Script Name&gt;.inf.  This file is copied down and injected into the image when the script is run to deploy the image.  Open the .inf file with a text editor, and modify the seciton, this is how the LANDesk agent is getting installed.  Unfortunately, the process we use to automate the agent installation porcess utilizes the runonce section in the registry and the /I switch cannot be used in conjunction with the wscfg32 line as the /I switch requires encapsulating quotations and the sysprep.inf will truncate the line and not correctly add the wscfg32 line into the runonce keys.



                If you want to install a specific agent, you will need to create a self-contained agent installation package and point to that exe instead of calling wscfg32.