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    Install Software While User Logged On?

    Binskin Apprentice





      Im trying to push a very simple app out to a number of users, Solid Edge Viewer 20, the commands are very simple, simply needs to run 'setup.exe' /S /v/qn



      So far i have selected setup.exe as the primary file through a UNC share, added the /S /v/qn as the command line options and selected all the remaining files from the install directory as additional files. 'Accounts' is set to local system. No other changes have been made.



      Scheduled the job using push and standard push distribution as the delivery type options and ran immed.



      The job copies all the files successfully as i can see them in the sdmcache folder on the client and in the job log, but it continually crashes out with the following:



      Processing generic executable

      Launched application 'C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\sdmcache\SoftwareDistribution\SE V20\SE Viewer 20\setup.exe' ('/S /v/qn') result 1603

      Installation result 80070643

      processing of package is complete, result -2147023293 (0x80070643 - code 1603)



      I have run the standard tests - launching a localsystem command prompt 'at 14:44 /interactive cmd.exe' and running it is not a problem, and it works as well so long as the user is not logged on. It just does not seem to be kicking off the installer as localsystem causing it to crash.



      Currently running 8.8 SP1 for TVT's, and thoughts on where to start would be appreciated.



      Cheers - Ben



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          zman Master


          So you have a couple of options:



          Your users are local admins:


          • Distribution Package | Accounts | Current User's Account.


          Your users are not local admins


          • Configure Preferred server. Use an account that is local admin on the workstations

            • Delivery Methods | Network Usage | User run from source....

            • This will install the app as the pref server account

          • Scrip it in Autoitscript and use the runaswait command - I don't recommend this since the username and password is embedded into the exe.


          I would also contact the vendor for suggestions.

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            Binskin Apprentice


            Thanks for the help, i have added a service account which is a local admin of each of the machines on our network, the test credentials passes no problems, i can actually see in the logs that it is trying to run the exe from the file server:



            Path file://%5C%5CLandesk%5CSoftwareDistribution%5CSEViewer20%5Csetup.exe was redirected to file://%5C%5Clandesk%5CSoftwareDistribution%5CSEViewer20%5Csetup.exe

            Processing generic executable

            Launched application '
            landesk\SoftwareDistribution\SEViewer20\setup.exe' ('/S /v/qn') result 1603

            Installation result 80070643

            processing of package is complete, result -2147023293 (0x80070643 - code 1603)



            Is it possible to look any further logs to confirm it is trying to use the admin account? Or any additional testing i can perform to confirm it is?



            Cheers - Ben



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              zman Master

              Unless setup.exe is the only file for this software I would clean it out of the sdmcache.  Also it appears to be a MSI installer error. I would enable logging at the command line level to grab a verbose log:


              /l*vx c:\logdirectory\logfile.log








              This will give you a good log to analyze. You may be able to turn on xtrace for sdclient to see what is going on, but I'm not sure that will show you what account is being used. Also are you sure the command line is correct? Try just running setup.exe and walk through the install and see what errors are provided by the app UI. If there is an MSU maybe just try running the MSI.

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee


                Point # 1 - when LANDesk is about to install a software, we run a simple check:

                "Do I - the logged in user - have local admin rights?"


                ... if YES - then we continue in the (local admin) user context.

                ... if NO, then we will install the software in LOCAL SYSTEM context.


                For the latter, there's the exception if you use "startasuser" to force installation as the logged-in user  - but I'll ignore this for now, as it distracts.




                Point # 2 - some bits of software - some Autocad softwares in particular seem to roam in my memory - do NOT like to be installed as Local System ... they MUST be installed in local admin case.


                The way to test this is to try the install "by hand" in local system context. To this purpose, check this article out:



                This tells you how to create a command-prompt window in LOCAL SYSTEM context ... if the install refuses to run in local system context, there's little we can do.


                The only ways around that would be:

                A - Trying to re-package the package (putting it into another wrapper helps at times). Tools like "Installtailor" can help here (used to be free, but it now re-sold)


                B - Contacting the software vendor and working with them to see if the software in question HAS got a method of automated distribution (most should do) for this sort of scenario.


                Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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                  MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                  Take a look at this thread:




                  Same MSI error so you may have a package that struggles to install under the localsystem context.


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