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      We have LD 9.5 patched to the latest. Lately we have a lot of troubles on our LanDesk Desktop Manager LaunchPad. The link sometimes disappears. We force the link created as scheduled task... but on some computer this doesn't work. We try to reinstall, to inventory sync, ... nothing. I can see in the task the computer associated, but in its lauchpad this link is no more. The only way so far is uninstall with a force clean and then reinstall again, deleting all the LanDesk folders. Any thank is appreciated. Thank you. F.

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          timtamtoolips SupportEmployee

          Hi Ffazzi,

          After a full reinstall, does the agent continually retain the link, or will the issue reoccur for it later on?

          How do you have these tasks targeted at the machines in question? I've seen issues if I target based on a query, where the query is looking to see if the device has part of the package, and if it does, then it shouldn't be returned. What this can cause is the first run, the machine doesn't have the targeted files/settings so it is in the query results. The second run the query sees it has those files, so it is not returned in the query, and may not be part of the targeted machines any longer and lose the package since it's no longer targeted at that policy.

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            ffazzi Apprentice

            Hello Nick,


            thank you for your replay. Lately we use query based on the domain groups, it works better. Before, we used to create query in LanDesk and works not so good. After the "simple" reinstall the link under c:\ProgramData\... are the same before. It's happened just today... in this specific case a ReSync was enough. I ran a script found in this community. Thanks a lot. F.