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    DT errors

    Mariusz.Maniak Expert

      Hi all,


      Already created ER for it, but maybe someone knows...

      ER: Design transfer errors

      If something fails during DT, error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

      Is there any way to chceck what is missing?

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          Hi Mariusz


          As you know the object reference error can be difficult to track down.

          The best advice is to turn on the diagnostic trace in configurationcenter and see what is happening at the point it fails.

          I normal use the database access and calculation trace but you might want to put more tracing on.


          Sometimes you will have more information on the error.  see the follow for a example of this.



          Also to trace done what is missing will also depend what you are trying to transport.

          What can I transfer using Designer Transfer?

          The list in the above article is a good example on the order to import.




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            Mariusz.Maniak Expert



            Thanks for reply


            Next week I'm starting big DT process, so will check how it works.

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              Mariusz.Maniak Expert



              Logging turned on, on everything, with details level, gives me nothing, if error is on preprocesor(?) stage (when LD is reading file)...

              In import log there is information: Object reference...

              Have no idea why it is hard to add this missing object guid into log? If preprocesor(?) reads source xml, and is checking GUID by GUID if it exists in target system, why not to put into log failed guid?

              Next step woluld be to find GUID in export XML "manually", check what it is, prepare additional export file...


              Now I have to be a prophet to gues what is...