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    Double click - F-button



      Dear Naurtech team,


      we use in our BMW plant in China more than 341 Naurtech license for the device “Omnii™ XT15” actually.


      We have actually the problem (only in the Naurtech Browser) if we make a double click with the F button we get a white screen with the browser loading process status, nothing else:



      We have to disconnect and reconnect the session and we have to logon in SAP to go further with our process.


      We take the Naurtech browser for ITSmobile in SAP. We have this issue only in the Naurtech browser and not in other browsers.


      Maybe you can support us or you can send us an script for the Naurtech browser to solve the very critical issue.


      Please let me know if you need any further information of the hardware and software etc.


      Many thanks for your support.