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    Storing an MD5 value as an attribute in system.user

    jross Apprentice

      Hi all,


      A new system has been built which is used to store a users ID photo, both an official one and a peferred one.

      It generated a similar URL to the below one:



      In the URL is the username of the user, size of the photo (optional) a hash value and n=0 determines whether the photo is the official or the preferred photo in our system.


      Now in LANDesk we have been setting up the Social media pack, which creates an attribute for Image under System.User. What we would like to do was create an Attribute System.User.Hash or something similar which is used to store the hash value.

      Once we have the hash value stored we would update the HTML report view and calculations to reference the URL using the hash attribute, i.e.


      http://isg-msweb-test.its.waikato.ac.nz/webapi/paperoutlines/1/api/StaffPhotos/{RaiseUser\Title}?w=250&s={RaiseUser\Hash}&n=1 (for the preferred photo).

      Does anyone know a method for getting the has values from the URL or webpage and storing it in LANDesk?

      We have some Event Managers set up that log emails from our Gmail inbox into LANDesk through an EventLogManager, but not sure if this will work for the hash value