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    Help with Deployment return code 0/1351


      Hey guys, having a little difficulty with a couple of deployments I've pushed out in the last couple of evenings.


      Basically, they're two separate deployments that write to the registry. Without getting into too much detail, one adds registry keys to disable RC4 Ciphers, and another changes registry settings for EMET.


      When I tested it, it worked fine. When I sent out the actual deployment, half the machines worked fine. The other half are stuck on Stage: Core Initiated, Status: Working, Result Not Specified/Discovering Machine, Return: 0/1351


      Any ideas on where I can look to see what could be stopping it? I've ruled out LANDesk being the issue, since I was able to successfully deploy a third deployment (which was just an application push)


      I'm using LANDesk 9.6