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    Mac Provisioning 9.6 SP2

    mmartinvegue Apprentice

      I have run through the following two articles many times and I am still pretty confused on how to setup Mac OS Provisioning.

      Best known methods for Mac Provisioning Mac OS X Provisioning Guide

      How to troubleshoot How To Troubleshoot Mac Provisioning




      I created a .nbi file and used the LANDesk stamper as described in the Mac Provisioning document.  Is this .nbi with stamper now the image I am to deploy through LANDesk deployment template or is this just the netboot image I will use to boot then capture a Mac image though LANDesk capture template?


      To capture a Mac Image, can I use either PXE representative or do I need to use OSX server to netboot?  Currently, I have both configured and both seem to work but I fail continuously when mounting my image share.  I get the following

      Got credentials

      Mount Point = "(null)

      Failed to mount "smb://coreserver/Images/". Error = 80



      I would prefer to use only the PXE rep and keep the Mac OS X server completely out of the equations if possible.

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          bcstring SupportEmployee

          Hi MMartinVegue,


          1. The NBI is just the NetBoot image (Similar to WinPE for Windows) that your PSE Rep or OS X Server will serve up to clients as they netboot.
          2. You can use either a PXE Rep or an OS X Server, doesn't matter which to serve your NBI. If using a PXE Rep it is not necessary to setup an OS X Server for netbooting. Once clients boot into the NetBoot environment they will then run the provisioning template to capture or deploy the image.
          3. Make sure your Core Server, or preferred server location for that matter, are listed in your Preferred Servers list in the console with valid credentials.


          Let me know if you have any other questions and we can help get you rolling.