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    add assignment error


      We are having a problem on the Add Assignment window,  the standard HTML codes are not appearing on the Title and detail field. Since Title field is set as mandatory and locked to automatically pull throug incident {ID}, hence,  analyst is not able to save the Add Assignment window. See the screenshot below, where all the HTML codes are blank.


      Add assignment screen blank.png

      I have used the Explicit login version to log into Landesk with my active directory account,  and the Add Assignment window works which pulls through all the HTML code



      Add assignment with HTML code.png

      I have tried to recycle all sevices in Configuration Centr, and still can't see all the pre-coded HTML code in the Assignment screen via the integrated Landesk login version.


      We have a number analyst affected by this problem, but some analysts are not affected.


      What is could be?

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          Jenny.Lardh SupportEmployee



          Are these both in the same process and the exact same action that you are clicking on?

          What does the action look like in the Process from Process Designer?


          If you were to try and log in with "YY001" when you log in explicitly (capital letter) would this would make the values not appear as well?


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