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    Distribution Package for .pfx


      Still new to Landesk Management Console so be gentle.....


      Is there a way to create a distribution package to deploy a .pfx cert without having to create a batch file and then creating a distribution package referencing the batch file?



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          cri Apprentice

          You can create a custom script (Tools > Distribution > Manage scripts) or even use a provisioning template but it is maybe overkill.


          If you have a licence for Patch Manager, you could also create a custom definition and set up a rule to detect and apply the cert when needed and target only some scopes, then you activate autofix and you work is done.


          But if you looking for a way to just select your pfx file and let LANDESK handle the deploy by itself, i'm not sure it is possible, some scripting is needed.

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            Got it.  Thanks Cyril.