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    "Managing" Unmanaged Device Discovery




      I am having trouble with managing nodes that I don't intend to try to push agents to.  First off, if I do a manual scan of a subnet, it often creates another entry for a device that already has an entry as a result of Extended Device Discovery (XDD).


      Secondly, I'm finding it tough to keep devices that I know I won't be pushing an agent to (switches, firewalls, printers, etc.) organized.  What I've been doing is making groups on the left and dragging items to those groups.  Should I be making "exceptions" instead?  Can someone point me to some documentation on what the following commands do (they show up as options when right clicking an unmanaged device):


      Make XDD Exception (also why is this greyed out?)

      Mark as allowed (exception)

      Mark as not allowed (rogue)


      Finally if I do put something in an "exception" will I be able to still add them to groups on the left so I can see a list of them there if I want to, or does adding an exception completely remove the device from the results of any future scan?


      I'm on LDMS 9.6 SP2 by the way.