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    Disposing Of Old Devices

    Binskin Apprentice


      I have currently setup a very basic job to wipe device HDD's that come back to us that are out of lease or need to be redeployed within the network using copywipew:



      Created a winpe prov template:


      1. Maps a drive to the copywipew folder

      2. Executes copywipew.exe wipe 0 QUICK sr


      Device is wiped once booted, which is very handy for us because it means when the machines are returned to us they do not need to come up from the warehouse, they simply let us know machine xyz is back and so long as we know its ok to go its wiped.



      My question is though, within landesk is their an archive type function for old devices? I will no longer be using the device so i do not wish for it to be consuming a licence, but for tracking purposes i would like to keep its data available. If that is not possible, is their a way to automatically remove the device from the landesk database? So on completion of the wipe i can be sent a notification explaining machine xyz has been successfully wiped, and has been removed (archived?) from the landesk database?



      Im just trying to make sure my ld database doesnt get to disjointed from the count of live machines we actually have within the environment as we turn over devices weekly.



      Cheers - Ben



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          zman Master

          There have been a lot of posts here lately about an automagic delete function.  Unfortunately it seems that it is very difficult  to do  - maybe in 9.0 it will be easier.  So if you leave them in the DB you will get banged for a license and your boss will angry. NetD has a product called Irecallthat has an archive function plus other goodies.


          So you could write a custom registry key to the computer and do an inventory scan before the wipe. Something that identifies the machine that it was wiped, and create a query/report of the information you want to track on the machine and export it. Also you can query on wiped machines and delete them. Not really an automated solution but free.

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            Binskin Apprentice


            Thanks once again for the advice



            Looks like an interesting product, i find it interesting though that LD doesnt really cater for a complete system life cycle in this way.



            Cheers - Ben



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              zman Master


              If you need it I would put in an ER. Usually this type of functionality is considered a part of Asset Management. LANDesk does have a new version (actually a total overhaul)  of Asset Manager coming out real soon that you can evaluate. I think most of the competitors also do not have this function becuase it starts crossing the line between Desktop Management and Asset Management.  How do you sell your asset management product if your desktop management has most of its functionality 






              However, I think an easier way to do bulk deletes  is very doable.



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                Binskin Apprentice


                Looking forward to seeing what functionality asset manager can offer, we actually have the local landesk rep coming out to see us next week to discuss it along with service desk so ill be sure to ask about an am demo.



                Cheers - Ben