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    Does LD A/V support Terminal Service sessions?

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      Im currently looking at a trial for landesk a/v to replace our Trend Micro Office Scan implimentation, one of the pre-req's however will be for the application to support terminal services, as we have a number of Citrix servers within our environment. Aparently TM was originally selected based on it being 'Citrix Approved', finding documentation on the subject however seems a bit sketchy.



      Ive had a look through the basic LD A/V doco and can't seem to find an answer.



      Any experiences or opinions in implimenting LD A/V in a Citrix server environment would be greatly appreciated.



      Cheers - Ben



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


          Not sure how it would need to run any differently for most operations.  The on-access scanning is a service scanning any access to files on the system so it doesn't really matter what sessions are running as they would each be covered by the same service.  I suppose the only area that might be a concern is the outlook plug-in, but that depends on whether you are using Citrix as a full dekstop replacement or just for certain apps.  Can't answer 100% on that one.






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