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    LANDESK set up



      Need your expert guidance as I am new to LANDESK. There is a requirement to deploy LANDESK( 9.6 VER) to 7 countries( all in Europe) that has three sites  within them.


      The overall count of end points for all these countries put together is less than 500.


      There is already an existing Primary server( in One particular country in Europe)) that is used to deploy Software Packages to existing sites ( around 5500 end points).

      I am assuming the existing Primary server can be leveraged to deploy the LANDESK agent to the new sites. So that would be all together around 6000 end points.


      I need guidance on the following:


      1. Do I need to factor any secondary or site specific server at any of these sites  for this expansion or can just leverage the existing Primary server to cater to this?


      Eg: In SCCM for this sort of count, there had to be distribution point servers set up for each site. I could not find any information if that is a necessity with LANDESK


      if yes, how many servers I need to set up for this requirement and what are the prerequisites from the Server disk space, RAM I need to consider?

      Does this site specific server require LANDESK Management suite and SQL DB installed and configured too?


      If further yes, do I need to link all the new end points to this secondary server which will further be linked to existing primary server?


      lastly, what is the level of configuration required in this site specific or secondary server ?


      2. From Network bandwidth and load perspective, is there any features within LANDESK agent or the LANDESK Primary server that can be used to understand if there could be challenges in package deployment for any particular site once its set up ( based on its local Network bandwidth?


      Thank you for your assistance with this .