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    System hangs at vBoot



      Hello, we have serveral computers which have problems with sheduled image creation. After refreshing the ldvboot.img with the neccessary files the computer reboots and hang after loading the XMSDSK-Driver.



      Landesk Version is



      Performing a manuell image via PXE-Boot works without any problem.



      All Computers who have problems are Hewlett Packard PCs with an Intel Pro100 VE (8086 1050), i added the driver to the ldvboot.img.



      I dont think that it is a network-driver problem because it hangs right after loading the Ramdisk-Driver.



      Does anybody have an idea ?






      Wolfgang Huse



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          ahe Expert

          I've had the same problem with some HP and DELL computers with more than 2GB RAM.


          I could be helpful to know which HP PC's makes the trouble ...




          Sometimes it helps to change some BIOS settings, sometimes I unplug one RAM module...




          BIOS settings for DELL:  




          • Drives - SATA Operation:

          RAID Autodetect /ATA

          • Post Behavior - OS Install



          For HP I made a BIOS update and than I can change the SATA settings too



          Take a look here: OSD Troubleshooting Guide





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            Hello, i also had the idea that SATA could be invoked somehow...



            The used modells are DX2000, DC5700 and DC5750.



            I´ll try to update the bios and change SATA-Settings...









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              I had a similar experience with the DC5700. I had the drivers loaded correctly but WinPE would not recognize the HDD. It turned out to be an issue with card reader. On the DC5700 (and probably other models as well) there is an optional card reader that comes with the machine. WinPE tries to boot to the card reader. My solution was to unplug the card reader.