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    landesk 9.5 reporting


      Hi there ,


      I am trying to build / generate a report that shows what patchs installed or what failed on approximately 650 devices , is this possible to do , I have tried under patch and compliance , under the repair task , but does not show you where installed and did not , only shows where the patchs scanned , detected , and repair failed


      is there any easy way to find out even what Microsoft critical patchs and service packs and office updates are needed on all clients ?



      any advise greatly appreciated



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          There's a couple of ways - even without using the reporting module, if you want.


          Option 1:


          Step 1 - create a custom group of your 650 devices. This can be dynamic, this can be static - whatever. Having them all "in one group" is the important part.

          Step 2 - Create a custom column set. You can add these two columns for an easy win:



          ... and then just drag that column-set onto your device-group / query. All done..


          You can refine your query to include a conditional logic of ("COMPUTER.DETECTED PATCH AND COMPLIANCE DEFINITIONS.SEVERITY" = "HIGH" - OR - "COMPUTER.DETECTED PATCH AND COMPLIANCE DEFINITIONS.SEVERITY" = "CRITICAL") for instance too - to cut down on the results.


          You can then simply save the results out into CSV (easier to work with in excel), or just right-click on your device-group and hit the "VIEW AS REPORT"-button. Sorted


          You can use column-sets VERY easily (in combination with queries) to do much of your reporting for you .


          Hope this helps.

          - Paul Hoffmann