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    Motorola XT1254 not displaying message body


      I opened a case with LANDesk support for a Motorola Moto X not displaying the message body for received emails, that issue was not resolved, the end-user replaced the phone with a Samsung.  I now have a new user with a Motorola XT1254, Moto Droid Turbo with the same symptom.  I am beginning to wondering if there is an issue with LetMobile and some Motorola Droid device compatibility.


      When a user attempts to read the received email, they are able to view the sender, time, date, but the message body is blank, there is no LetMobile login link.


      I have tried the following...





      1. Open the app drawer and select "settings"

      2. Find the option labeled "Apps" (It is usually under general settings)

      3. Tap or scroll to the tab "All"

      4. Scroll through until you find the name of the app that you use for your email. (This could be the default "email" app or "Outlook" depending on what you use) Tap on the name of the app once you have found it.

      5. Below you will see a button labeled "Clear Data", tap that,

      6. It will give you a confirmation box, tap "Yes". (This states that it is going to remove all the data associated with that app so you will have to setup your email account on the device again)

      7. Now that it has been cleared, Hit the home button on your device and open the app drawer again.

      8. Tap the email app that you use, and just cleared, to open it.

      9. The app will then ask you for all the email account's information. Enter that information accordingly.

      10. Once the email account has been setup again, verify if the issue has been resolved.


      Deleting the device and re-adding in LetMobile


      Resetting the device to Factory settings, and re-adding LetMobile

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          Brett.Smith SupportEmployee

          Good Afternoon,


          I am currently successfully using a Droid Turbo with Letmobile and the corporate email app that is preloaded on the phone.


          By going to the user console for the device and select advanced settings i show that my device's user agent is identified as User Agent: Android/5.1-EAS-2.0


          I also have the width set to 100% and the height set to 4000px.


          All check boxes are selected.


          Try looking at these settings and see if they are comparable.




          Brett Smith


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            Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work on this Motorola Droid Turbo.  So I'm not sure why it works for Brett, but not for my end-user.


            I got the following reply from support...


                Please review this doc :    https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-33248


                This will assist with Hybrid mode and Motorola phones require it. I noticed that the doc doesn't mention Motorola and will be updating it.


            I created the Hybrid policy, and the end-user can now read the email on the device.  But this is not really desirable since the email message body is no longer protected/projected.