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    Workspaces for ServiceDesk - How do I modify Analyst Home?

    csoto Specialist

      Right now, it just takes you to the standard Self Serve "Home" that everyone else sees. But this component isn't here because it's a gadget or dashboard in Self Serve. It's put there by BridgeIT automatically. How do I modify this so it's something useful for Analysts? They're on mobile all the time and BridgeIT works much better than Web Desk (even Mobile). Here's the menu:




      I guess "Launchpad" works similarly - it's a "built-in" component to BridgeIT. Both of these make sense in the LDMS or LDSS context. But for ServiceDesk, I'd like to either hide them or utilize them.




      (As an Enhancement Request, it would be great if I could essentially "link" to the components available on LDMS Workspaces into SD Workspaces, so I would have only one place to send people - but I'll think about that a bit and submit the ER...)