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    Finding Multimedia Files



      Hi Again,



      Can someone please shed some light on what I am doing wrong please?



      I'm trying to use LDMS to get a list of multimedia files on each client. I can see the multimedia entries in Inventory but this seems to only give us total size and number of items, where I would like to actually see the files themselves.



      I've followed an article on here (this one) about adding the extra extensions, but I'm confused about how to create the file to be scanned entry. I don't want to find a specific file, but ALL mp3s for example. Can I do this?



      Thanks - Paul






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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          what you are looking at is setting the file extensions and also seting the mode to ALL.  i would advise against this unless you remove the other file extensions just because of the potential size of the scan.


          to use this method, set mp3 as the only extension in the ldappl3.template file and set the mode=all.  save the file and then in the SLM module, make the changes available to clients.  this will publish a new ldappl3.ini and .ldz file.  on their next software scan the clients should return only mp3 data.  however this will also remove all other software so if you are using that data don't use this method.


          an alternative method could be on droppedpackets.org this has a number of inventory extension mechanisms you could use.


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            Ah - I need the other inventory data, so perhaps this is not such a good idea then.



            I will look at droppedpackets and see if there is anything there.



            Thanks for the quick answer.






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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup


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