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    Unable to load software configuration in Avalanche 6.1

    erhall Rookie

      Recent fresh upgrade to 6.1. Still maintaining separate server for 5.3 until 6.1 is configured. Windows Server 2012 R2. Installed Flash/Java/FireFox. Everything is talking as it should with the db and console.


      I am unable to launch the configuration for the first device I am trying to setup. I get a prompt to open Java. I get the Wavelink configuration window, I choose what configuration utility I want to launch. My browser dims and I get a dialog box stating Java Web Start launcher is running and the page will refresh once closed.


      I have tried in both IE 11 and in FireFox. I've read that IE 11 doesn't work because Microsoft doesn't support Java any longer. Any tips or hints will be appreciated. Thanks.Configuration not loading1.png