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    Landesk Test to live


      Hi All


      I need urgent advise on test to live. We will be doing test to live in upcoming days but i didnt realise that we have webdesk installed on a separate server (prod2) and console is installed on another server (prod1)

      i am confused about the configuration change which we need to make while doing the test to live. e.g Should i just point the prod env where console is installed or to web desk? or how does it work where we have 2 separate servers for console and web desk

      there are few windows which i designed on test env which we want to export to live (doing test to live).

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          Andrew Swindells SupportEmployee



          Test to Live works at the database level. So where your console and web access installations are located is not of concern.


          The important aspects are:

          1. Backup both databases!
          2. Connect Test to Live to your source database - I am assuming your Test database
          3. Connect Test to Live to your target database - I am assuming Live/Prod


          Run the migration.


          Hope that helps?