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    Configure Enabler in Avalanche Console

    zerrikan Apprentice

      I'm having some issues trying to configure an enabler for our Omnii Psion XT15 handhelds. When I try to configure the enabler I get an error that the "package has no configuration utilities" (See below)

      What I want to do is configure the enabler with the different settings and once I move the device into the correct group it will pull down that enabler with those settings. I've created a software package and uploaded the AVA version of the Psion XT15 enabler. I'm using Firefox with the latest Java version and all older versions of Java removed.


      Here is the workflow


      On my PC:

      1. Run the Psion enabler with basic settings (server to connect to , username/password for config and exit)
      2. Dock the handheld and push enabler to handheld.
      3. Open Enabler on handheld.
      4. Enabler connects to server and Avalanche then sends down some software (wifi settings, remote control settings, basic wavelink settings)
      5. Move the handheld to the folder that contains the enabler software package
      6. Avalanche on the handheld should connect to the server and pull down the new enabler settings and reboot.


      Is this possible? Can I upload the enabler AVA to the console and configure it with settings I want and have the handheld pull that down?