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    MSI silent install from vendor

    brad.e.smith Apprentice

      Just wanted to see what you all would suggest.


      One of our programming teams needs Informatica Business Glossary Desktop installed. Fortunately, they gave us the exact parameters needed for the install. Unfortunately, according to what I've read in the community and the results I've seen, we cannot simply plug these command line parameters in the command.


      Here's the command for the silent install per the vendor (*note: X's have been placed in confidential areas for security):


      msiexec.exe /qn /i Informatica_BusinessGlossaryDesktop.msi /l*v Informatica_BusinessGlossaryDesktop.txt INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Informatica\Informtica_BusinessGlossaryDesktop" PROTOCOL="http" HOST_NAME="ho-eXXXXXXXX" PORT_NO="XXXX" NAMESPACE="Native" USER_NAME="XXXXX" USER_PASSWORD="XXXXXX"



      I've tried picking up the code at the "INSTALLLOCATION.." and utilizing the MSI Options>Display Options> Quiet Mode to no avail. I've tried picking up at the command to create the log. Same result. I'm doing that assuming the "MSIEXEC.exe /qn /i Informatica_BusinessGlossaryDesktop.msi" portion is taken care of through the corresponding settings above.