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    Query showing when an Incident was assigned to a support group


      I manage our Desktop team and while I have been able to create metrics on calls Resolved during a period of time (by group and by individual tech), I'm struggling to write a query that shows when a call was assigned to a team.


      The goal would be:

      1. Capture the volume of calls being assigned to a team during a given time period (calendar year, month, week, historically, etc.)

      2. Capture the amount of calls Resolved by the same team during this time period

      3. Plot the inbound vs. resolved items for a given time period and start to build a historical view of workload.


      I've been told that getting all that into one space would require Crystal but for now, I'd be happy getting item #1 and then I can export and bring into PowerPivot to produce my metrics.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.