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    Problems with Inventory


      So every version (even the default) of the agent configuration that I run ever since upgrading to landesk 9.6, fails to inventory clients.


      I recently ran a client package on a computer and inside the LDMC, the computer does not have an Owner, last scanned date, OS name, etc. When I right click and try to have it perform inventory it returns an error ID 975 saying "The system cannot find the file specified.". I followed some instructions I found telling me to use the Restore Client Records script, but this did not work.


      Does anyone else have any ideas?




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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Sitting at the client wehre you installed the agent, what happens if you manually launch the inventory scanner from the start menu?


          It should launch visibly and tell you if there are any issues.


          Most likely probelems:


          • Name Resolution : the name you have given in the client config cannot be resolved
            • The default is the Core Name. If you open cmd on the client can you ping the name, the FQDN or just the IP?
          • Firewalls
            • Inventory goes over port 5007 so is there something between the client and the core preventing that traffic?
          • LANDESK Inventory Service
            • Is this running or is it having issues?
              • Check the service
              • Looks at the ManagementSuite\LDScan folder on your server and see if there are any .scn files backing up
            • Check the ErrorBigScan folder
              • Anything going in here?
                • If so, go to Configure - Services - Inventory - Advanced Setting and change the max scan files size to something larger, maybe 30MB


          Trying to run it from the console is failing because the console is trying to be clever by using the inventory value for where the client is installed. As the inventory record is incomplete, the command is also incomplete.


          Hope some of this helps.


          Mark McGinn

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            Sorry for the late reply!


            When I try to run the Landesk Inventory Scanner (LDISCN32 from the installation folder), nothing happens. No services start and nothing runs


            I can ping the name of the computers as well as IP


            Firewall was good on port 5007


            Inventory Service said it was running, I restarted it for safe measure and still no good


            The LDScan folder had a bunch of .scn.tmp files, but no just .scn

            There were a bunch of .scn files in the ErrorBigScan folder (4,252 to be exact), but when I went to change the max scan files size, it was already set to something like 10000000 bytes so I added an additional 0 to it, but I can't save.

            When I went to edit the max scan file size and then okay out, it would throw the following error


            Error connecting to the inventory database. Go back to the general tab and verify your inventory database connection parameters.

            Not sure what this would have previously been set at, if anything at all. How do I go about finding the name of the core database?


            I'm completely stuck on what to do!


            Thanks for your help


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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Sounds like your database server may be inaccessible. Has someone changed the SQL credentials to access it? Are the details pointing to it, and the account used to access it correct? The General tab will tell you what it thinks the server and account name was.


              Can someone start SQL Management Studio on the SQL server and connect using the SQL credentials you have set for LANDESK to use?


              Mark McGinn

              MarXtar Ltd/MarXtar Corporation


              LANDESK One Development Partner


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