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    New Active Directory User Requests


      Does anyone have a sample New Active Directory User Request process that uses ALM/LPM and Service Desk that they are willing to share?  I'd like to create a process where an end user can request a user account be created and then have ALM/LPM create the account.



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          DeWetTheHitmanBarry Rookie

          I am actually looking for something similar as well.


          How to use a service request offering " Onboarding New Employee " then automatically creating the new user account in AD based on the data captured with the request?

          I believe this could be done using Orchestrator as the middleware component which integrates with Service Catalogue request using the AD integration Runbook pack.


          Another way I guess would be to perhaps trigger a powershell script which would then automate this as well


          Has anyone perhaps investigated, already done this or in the process of setting this up as I would be very much interested to know.