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    How to make Workspace app default to Software Catalog?

    davidg5700 Specialist

      I have installed the Oct 2015 BridgeIT patch on my test core (9.6 SP2 2015-0916B patch installed) and now when a client opens up the Workspace app, it lands on the Launchpad instead of the Software Catalog.  This will cause confusion in end users when I push it out on the production core.


      I've checked all the pertinent settings and could not find any way to change this behavior.  In the Agent Configuration, there is only an option to add Workspace to the LD program group.  I took a brief poke around on the My.BridgeIT site in IIS and did not see a way with any of the .html files I looked at, but I can't say I'm an IIS wizard.


      Is there any way to change this?  I'd like to get this out to the masses, but Workspace is new to most people and the update may cause people to think it has stopped working.