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    Where can I find information on adding information to inventory?



      I'm pretty new with landesk and I've been tasked with running reports on the systems.  I can see a lot of information about machines but sometimes i'd like to see more.  I could list the things I want to see but there must be a something i can use to add additional information.  If i then see items that aren't collected i can ask specifically about them.






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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          There are a lot of ways you could add information into the database. Simplest is to use the custom registry collection keys you set in the ldappl3.template (see other posts for examples on how to do this). If you are looking to add lots of different things, then take a look at http://www.droppedpackets.org/ this has lots of tips and tricks plus some great utilities such as ldms_client which allows collection of a list of commonly requested items.


          If you are looking for information from other datasources, then maybe you should take a look at Managed Planet's Data translation Services (DTS). This can do a lot but it is chargeable.


          Of course, you could also look at our Power State Notifier if you want to report on the powered on/off status of your systems at particular times of the day or their logged in status. This is a free utility and you can take a look here for more info - http://www.marxtar.com/products/PowerStateNotifier/LANDesk_PowerStateNotifierLite.htm



          Be careful though, anything that changes the database could cause issues, so if you are new to this but you have an experienced LANDesk Admin then speak to them about these before you try to do something that could potentially do as much harm as good.



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            Eric - take a look at ADGroups.  It is listed on dropped packets but I think you will probably find it very useful.



            If you need to run your reports and group them based off things like department, then adgroups adds this information into the inventory for you so that you can use it in your reports.  It is simple in that it doesn't need anything deployed to the clients.



            There are two versions. The 'Lite' version is the free one that you run whenever you want and then you can run your reports and target. The 'Pro' version is chargeable and gives you an automated schedule for updates plus it detects when the logged on user changes and updates the membership immediately. The pro version also populates the machine information, more user information such as location, email address, phone number etc, and it also does this for the primary user as well.



            It is a low cost as we think its really useful so will cost in the region of $500-600 dollars as a one-off fee (if I remember the price correctly). For more information take a look at http://www.networkd.com/LANDesk_Add-On_ADGroups.html. You will be able to use the pro version for 30 days if you want to try it out.



            Let me know if you find this useful.






            Mark McGinn



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              Thanks for the information.  I'll definitely check out the droppd packets site it looks useful.  I don't really need to do any power reporting though.



              Mark, adgroups look interesting because i will need to report based on that sort of information. i'll speak to our landesk admin here and see if he can take a look at it for us.






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                Quick update.  We did download and test adgroups.  The data is really easy to use and is going to make my life easier when reporting for each of my business units.


                P.S. Our Landesk admin asked me to say thank you for not making him have to distribute another agent component to gather the data. He like the look of the dropped packet pieces but is dreading having to update all of the machines.