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    Can't exclude OST files from profile migration

    davidg5700 Specialist

      I am using SMA to capture and restore profiles in 9.6 SP2 provisioning and need to use this because Machine Mapping does not work with USMT. 


      In our environment, OST files can get very large and we often have to rebuild them to fix issues and would rather not transfer them.  I have edited the migration settings xml file to exclude the OST.  This is the syntax that I am using now:




      I have also tried:


      %Personal Directory%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\*.ost

      %AppData Directory%\Microsoft\Outlook\*.ost

      Capturing %systemdrive%\Users\*.* /s  and then excluding *.ost /s


      I have edited the Microsoft_Outlook.xml in the UMA.zip file on the core to remove any reference to OST files with no luck (removed  <Files_From_Folder>%Personal Directory%\*.ost</Files_From_Folder>  lines in the xml file).  I can't seem to figure out the magic method to keeping these files out of the capture.


      I've read through the SMA Deployment Guide and used other variables I found in examples with no luck. 

      I've attached the migration command xml file as well as the Outlook app xml that I modified. 

      Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?