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    Reporting errors

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      (x-post from Application Virtualization, in case someone has some insight for the error)






      Has anyone had any success to thinstall the LANDesk 8.8 sp1 console?   For the most part the console works, but have just found that custom "Reports" will return an error



      "Unable to run the report. If this report requires the user to provide values for some of its fields, make sure the values are valid for the data types of the fields they represent"



      The same custom report will work in a fat console.



      Some of the "Standard Reports" seem to work, and others will run with no errors, but have no results.



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          Have not tried yet, still working on some nagging issues after the upgrade. If I get a chance I will try this weekend. You got the latest version -  4.0.0-2305?  Maybe before you do the final snapshot you run these reports to see what you can snag in the capture.