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    Terminal Emulation Security


      I'm an on site installer of WMS software and we use the Terminal Emulation software in quite a few of our customer's warehouses. The most frequent piece of hardware that we install this on is the Motorola MC9190 or newer models, which run Windows CE 5.x and one common question I get is if there is a way to password protect the Terminal Emulator so that the average user cannot back out of the program to access other parts of the operating system. I've looked everywhere trying to find third party programs that would lock a user into one program without entering a password, but I haven't been that lucky. I was wondering if anyone has done this for any of their customers or would have a better idea of where to look.

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          These are basic device lockdown procedures that are very easy to accomplish. If you want to use just TelnetCE and not the Wavelink Avalanche Enabler then use a combination of Program Exit Password & Key and then set TelnetCE to autolaunch at Startup.



          Emulation Parameters -> Program Exit Password




          Emulation Parameters -> Program Exit Key




          Alternatively, If you're using the Avalanche Enabler for lockdown (recommended ) then just set the Enabler to Locked mode. This will allow the user to exit the TE application but will then restrict them from accessing other parts of the device.




          Even if you're not using the Avalanche Enabler, you can use Motorola AppCenter to accomplish a similar form of device lockdown.

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            It was right under my nose! Thank you very much, I'll set up a config file and mark this as resolved.