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    Assign return code 16424 to provide alternate message


      I'm trying to change the returned message for an MSI package that fails because of not matching a prerequisite query. It is currently failing with a return code of 16424 with the result message "The machine failed the prerequisite query". I would like to change this message to be more descriptive of the reason it failed, in this case that a higher version of .Net is required.


      I've tried creating a new Return Code Template using the template manager with the 16424 code and the message I want. I then assigned it to the MSI package. When I test it, it continues to report "The machine failed the prerequisite query". I'm assuming this is a default message. Is there a way to override this message that I'm missing in Landesk 9.60 service pack 2?

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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          If the package you are sending has a pre-requisite query attached, this is explaining that it failed that query. Yes this is a built in error which is generic since every pre-req query could be different.


          If you have a package that requires .Net then you could instead set a .Net installation package as a dependency so that if it is missing it gets installed first.


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            It would be nice to be able to override the generic message with a more descriptive one. I really don't want to put a dependency for .Net 4.5 on this because there is a project underway to update all workstations to that, not to mention that some already have it. I've had packages fail in the past when the dependency already existed on the workstation so I'm reluctant to use decencies unless it is for something that are on none of our workstations.


            Being able to override a generic message would be a good enhancement for a future version.