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    Moving package share






      I need to change the server that the packages reside on to another which cannot be given the same name. As a result, all the packages will need to be repointed to the new server. As there are over 60 of them, I would like not to do this by hand. Is there a quick way of changing all packages at once please ?



      Thanks - Paul






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          zman Master


          So it sounds like you are using the server netbios name in the distro package. So the information in the table is in the package_file_hash table.  However, simply doing a replace on the table may or may not work since the information also injected into the
          core name\ldmain\ldlogon\FileLists  XML and ini files. I believe these updates are triggered when you save the distribution package or reset the hash. Not sure if this can be done programmatically and cause everything to be updated.  Someone else may be able to shed some light on this.






          So in the future create a DNS alias for the server so you won't have to go through this is in the future (e.g., landesk) So the distribution path will be
          landesk\package share. Or leverage DFS if it  exists in your shop.



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            Yeah - it worked !!



            I replaced the server name in the package_file_hash table and then just for safety reset all the hashes. All went fine once I'd remembered to create the null share on the new server.



            Many thanks for the help.









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              zman Master

              NP, glad it worked out for you.