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    Adobe Flash FLASHPLAYERESRv18.0.0.261 Breaks ActiveX Flash for Windows 10 Edge/Internet Explorer


      On a Windows 10 system with a 9.6 SP2 agent install, the patch FLASHPLAYERESRv18.0.0.261 is detected, and installed.  The ActiveX Flash component for Edge and Internet Explorer are handled by Microsoft Security Updates.  This patch should not be checked on a Windows 10 install.  You cannot install an Adobe Flash ActiveX package directly on a Windows 10 system you'll get an error.  The result of this failed patching attempt is that Flash files are overwritten and Flash no longer works for the two Microsoft Browsers. 


      This is the folder before LANDESK patches and with things working as they should.  Note the installed version of Flash is actually, so that the Extended Version patch which is an 18, is detected is also problematic.



      After patching it becomes this:




      The only question would be is anyone else seeing this?