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    Cloning a system disk partition with landesk


      Hi all,

      I have a question that (maybe) could be a case study .

      Please consider that I'm really a noob with landesk and "I was thrown into the fray" by taking charge of a work begun by others



      I have a large number of clients (more than 100 but the number will grow) installed in many agencies, used to display promotional video and messages. One PC per agency. So very easy configuration: OS + Antivirus + Landesk + Dedicated Video software. Each agency has it's own subnet portion. All the subnet are, of course, reacheable by Landesk core.

      Let's say that the estate is compound at the 80% by machines with same hardware and software configuration (let's call it hw configuration 1). Then for a 20% I have a second hardware (and very similar software) configuration.

      In the first case I have Windows 7 32bit while in the second case I have Windows 7 64bit.

      In the next future all the new installation and the change of faulty pc will be made using a third hardware configuration.



      What I need to do is divided in 2 steps.



      I want to normalize all the PC partitions of the existing machines. A template draft has already been created. The template will align all the clients so that they'll have a C: partition for the system and a R: partition for recovery

      Then I'd like, via landesk, to cloning the system partition C: on recovery partition R:

      Then i'd like to have the machines configured in a way that in case of problem i can call the agency and say them "ok, please reboot the machine, then press the key key" and then the system will be restored from recovery. Would be great to have also the possibility to run the recovery remotely.



      The same operation described for step1 will then be used on the new hardware configuration that will be deployed in the next future. The difference is that the new PCs will be delivered with only windows 7 installed so remotely I'll have to download and install Landesk + Antivirus + Dedicated Video software before proceeding with STEP1. But this, I think, should be very easy.



      We use Landesk Management Suite v.9.60.

      All the client are updated with Landesk Agent v.5.

      As far as I know on our network ther isn't a PXE Representatives (I've googled a bit )



      And here we are


      Can I do what described before? and if yes, how?

      thanks in advance for the support.