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    Remote console credentials

    spinnur1 Rookie

      LDMS 9.6 SP2, Win7, Mgmt Console is installed locally on the PC


      How can I tell remote control to not use windows credentials for a remote session to a PC?.  First remote attempt to a PC fails as a result.  Then is prompted to provide User Name, Password & Domain (admin credentials were used when Mgmt Console was started).  This works sometimes and when it does, it takes several minutes to display the remote PC's desktop.

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          JoeDrwiega SupportEmployee

          Are you using Legacy remote control or HTML? Here is what might help to speed it up: https://help.landesk.com/docs/help/en_US/LDMS/9.6/Default.htm#Windows/rc_h_optimizing_rc_performance.htm%3FTocPath%3DAdm…


          Also the account you don't want to use Windows credentials? What other type do you use or did you mean an account not in AD? If so just make sure the account Management Suite group on your core server.

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            MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

            The PC being used to remote control FROM...


            Are you logged into windows with the same username as the one you are using to log into the LANDESK management console?


            If they are the same then everything should be OK, but if they are different then this may be causing your issue.


            Using the default security when you launch remote control the remote control viewer asks the core if it is allowed to access to the target machine. The account used to identify it is the one you logged into the PC with, NOT the one you logged into the console with (using the classic remote control). If you use HTML, then the process is different and the account you logged into the Console with will be used.


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              spinnur1 Rookie

              This is just the regular LANDesk remote control--not HTML. The user logs on to the PC w/their regular network acct and then logs into LANDesk w/their admin acct (AD acct's).


              I believe we've a work-a-round:

              <shift + right-click> on the LANDesk Mgmt Console icon and select Run as different user


              In our case, the admin credentials and server name are entered (this is done initially, afterwhich, this info is cached, except for the password)

              This eliminated the connection issues we were getting and greatly improved the speed of the remote session.