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    Continuous sound on session connect TE 7.3 MC32N0




      I found an annoying bug with TE 7.3 on the last MC32N0 (CE7) we sold, it’s sound related.


      This is how to reproduce it :

      - S     Setup a VT host (VT220 was used in my case)

      - S     Set TE to autolaunch that session on start

      - T     TE autostart with windows


      When the session starts, the connection beep sound holds, and never stops, so you end up with a MC32 playing a phone tone all along.

      So far I’ve tried French and English OS (only one available now), the 3 versions in 7.3 available for download, played with every settings and combinations between TE parameters and OS sound parameters, and almost no luck.

      A partly working workaround is to not autolaunch session, and launch it manually a bit later, half of the time it works ok.

      The thing that works most of the time, is to force a warm boot after a cold boot with startup control + no session autolaunch. It can still happen, but is very rare.

      I’m pretty confident this is a wavelink bug.


      Any ideas ?