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    Provisioning - profile capture to local drive?

    fifo Apprentice



      Using 9.6 SP2 I am wondering if it would be possible to capture user profile to local folder instead of \\UNC\path on network?

      That means I would like the profile is captured to C:\_profile on target computer.


      I did try to change the path in the provisioning template but the task fails when trying to map the drive as network drive..


      2015-12-02 12:53:17(2328-2644) CaptureProfileHandler.exe:Going to execute MaptoPreferredHandler.exe /path="C:\_profile" /driveletter=e /nopref.  Check MaptoPreferredHandler log for download details.

      2015-12-02 12:53:22(2328-2644) CaptureProfileHandler.exe:Executed command.  Return value is 100001.

      2015-12-02 12:53:22(2328-2644) CaptureProfileHandler.exe:Map drive failure, error code:100001


      Since I need this task for lot of computers, there is no solution to have shared folder on the local PC, because I would have to change the path in template for each computer..

      Solution could be or the task does not map the drive as network drive E:\ or to use some variable like \\%ldhostname%\c$\_profile for mapping.


      Do you think it is even possible and worth trying ?

      Thx for your hints.