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    Emails Auto-Generating Incidents


      Good afternoon everyone!  Out of curiosity, do you have your Service Desk systems set-up to automatically create Incidents as emails come in to your Helpdesk groups, and if so how do you handle those when they should be changed to Requests.  We currently just close the Incident and open a Request but we have had some questions arise on how users react when they see their ticket opened based on an automated email to them and then within a few mins seeing an automated email saying its closed - though the problem hasn't been resolved.  We put in the closing statements of the Incident that a Service Request was being opened, but didn't know if anyone had any other 'attention' grabbing methods of notifying users that their ticket hasn't been completed yet in these instances, but are just switching processes.



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          You wouldn't be able to do move the case from one Module to another, but you could maybe design the process so it becomes a bit more user-friendly? Perhaps change the closure note or have a separate closing status where the notification has better information explaining the situation for the user?


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