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    Excessive Temp Files on clients


      Has anyone else seen a large number of temp file being left in Windows\Temp?

      I suspect the inventory scanner and SDclient

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          nick.evans SupportEmployee

          Hi David,

          The most common cause of this is related to Data Analytics. This article covers the issue and some suggestions on reducing the problem.


          Temporary Internet Files Growing Very Large On Core

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            I updated the title... the temp files are on several endpoints.





            The detect powershell script is from LDMS


            Looks like left over from Provisioning

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              I guess I will open a support ticket and post results

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                I have been seeing this same thing and it looks like it is related to Windows updates having been applied (vulscan or otherwise) and NOT rebooting. Not only was temp filling up, but C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log was  REALLY large as well.


                I'm not 100% sure it was due to a pending reboot, but the only users reporting the issue were the ones a gave a reboot deferral option to (and they had deferred a reboot after the patch window).



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                  Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                  The cab files might be created because of LANDESK patch management sort of conflicting with Windows Update... I had the same problem and all over the web are bits and pieces of the solution I've written a doc about it, gathering all the information together, but that hasn't been approved yet. Anyway, the conclusion was:

                  If you don't want use the Automatic Windows Update Services (some people might want to use this, because they also use WSUS as central reporting/auditing tool) than make sure the TrustedInstaller doesn't have Windows Automatic Updates as source.

                  This can be achieved by configuring 2 Group Policy settings:


                  • Setting "Configure Automatic Updates "  DISABLED
                  • Setting "Do NOT connect to any Windows Update INTERNET location" ENABLED

                  DO NO set the Windows Module Installer Service and the Windows Update Service to DISABLED. Both services are used during the update process, also with LANDESK Patch Management.

                  If you do want/need to run Windows Update besides the LANDESK Patch Management:

                  • Stop the “Windows Update” service
                  • Rename the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old
                  • Start the “Windows Update” service.
                    • This will create a new C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder
                  • Check the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old folder.
                    • This folder contains all previously downloaded Windows updates
                    • TrustedInstaller is unaware that LANDESK has patched and still thinks it need to install old downloaded updated. This process deleted those old updates.
                    • Once recreated, Window update will check itself and WSUS for only the latest patches
                    • You can delete the SoftwareDistribution.old folder.


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                    WayneLM Rookie

                    We've had an interesting addition to this issue.  Whereby, on the LANDESK Web Servers, the \windows\temp folder is filling up with copies of Ticket Attachment files.   We have moved a few of these to another folder, and checked that they are still showing up on the tickets, and they are.  So it seems a little redundant to have the attachment files also in the \WINDOWS\Temp folder.


                    Any reason why this would be?  And is there any way to stop these from filling up?