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    MS08-050, LD Patch updated, now causing issues

    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

      Just and FYI...


      Been working with my TAM on this today...



      Over night we saw that the number of systems that needed MS08-050 went way up.  Turns out LD changed their detection logic and or other items.  The biggest issue it that now we are seeing this on a LOT of systems that do not need it. 



      One of the changed LD made was to have the latest Windows Installed ( v4.5 KB942288) be a prerequisite for this patch. But I am pretty sure their detection logic is broken, if I check the file LANDesk is saying is vulnerable, it is not, it is the version required.  Also, if I install the new Windows Installer, reboot and rescan the system, MS08-050 is no longer detected.  I have verified this on numerous systems.



      Like I said, I am working this with my TAM and not trying to but their chops but just wanted to post this in case there are others out there going through the same thing.



      Oh yeah, the reason they added the dependency is that the Windows Messenger will not install silently without that version of the Windows Installer, per LD